Monday, May 30, 2005

We're back - Airplanes and FPEA safely experienced!

was a walk of faith to get on that plane, but it was not nearly as bad
as I thought it would be. My partner in crime was more flustered than I
was so I was thinking of her! Not having slept for more than 24 hours
by the time we arrived in gorgeously green Florida, we were a little
loopy, but hey, that was part of the fun. 

Jen and I were warmly greeted by the FPEA leaders and we could not
believe what we were met with. This was a *top notch* conference. There
were 85 workshops and a very large vendor hall with everything under
the sun to poke through. We met a host of really amazing curriculum
providers and writers from Susan Wise Bauer to John Holt to Diana
Waring to Andrew Pudewa to Mark Hamby and more. Everyone was helpful,
interesting, had a lot to share and just out of this world. The vendor
hall was like a smorgasbord of all you can eat homeschool stuff. Oh my
goodness it was hard to hold onto the wallet there. I have to say we
spotted some really interesting new (to me) vendors of exciting quality
products. I really liked Corps of Re-Discovery and Art Flashcards from Kiddie Connoisseur. I would have liked to say I heard Susan speak, but alas I was so off kilter on my sleep cycle I slept clean through it! (Sorry, Susan!)

There are some really marvelous people living in Florida and I had the privilege
of meeting a few of them. Kolbi being one of them. Here Jen and I are
smiling it up for the camera with Kolbi in front of the Peace Hill
Press booth (which was almost always swamped!)

The hotel this conference was in was bar-none the best I have ever
seen. It was just beautiful and so HUGE! We spent a grand total of one
hour outside the entire time because the hotel was so large and
everything was enclosed. It was like a small city inside there - its
own biosphere I think - truly wild. We even had our own alligators
there. Heck - why leave?! Visit Florida and go to the Gaylord Palms -
no need to leave! Maybe that is their master plan - I think it must be.

I was greeted with happiness, joy, hugs, and flowers by the gang
when I arrived home after what can only be termed the Flight From the
Dark Side. Jen is right - we would have had more room had we been in
the overhead storage containers. It was so nice to be missed! Emma
would not let go of me - even when I went to get our checked baggage!
We hardly slept at all the entire weekend so I just crashed pretty hard
yesterday. Sleep is a wonderful thing!

What a  rejuvenating
experience for me to see all these people - 5,000 to 7,000 people!! -
all devoted to their children's education, all welcomed to FPEA with
open arms - all there for one purpose! If there was any way to afford
it, I would go every year - what a marvelous time!



EmptyNestMom said...

I enjoyed reading about your adventures at FPEA. Thanks for the Art flash card info. I hadn't seen those.

JenIG said...

well, i really won't go in to detail but we did learn that florida soap is not meant to be used on human skin and that if you want anything in the world to fall asleep, put it on a red rolling suitcase. lastly, I also learned that Miguel Chong is still faintly amusing after 2 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

How fun to see that picture.

It's perfect!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Now I have a face to go with the name!

I'm glad you got to meet Kolbi. She's a sweetie and I am glad she is still around. Small, small world...



Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to meet you both! You have such a fabulous sense of humor and you're such a REAL person. You are both such WONDERFUL ladies!!! I'm so glad you got a chance to come out here!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Kolbi; she's one of my very favorite people. I hope she really cut loose for you, and let you get the whole Kolbi experience. :o) I wish *I* could've been there, though!

Jill, OK in VA

BelovedLamb said...

Glad your trip is over and that you safely arrived and returned! Cute pic!

Karenciavo said...

What a great new blog and a fantastic picture of you three. That's for sharing your convention enthusiasm. I'll be sure to stop by more often. :)


ByHisGraceInColorado said...

Well, I am so glad you ladies made it home safely! Kate, I remember when I got home from AZ last fall, and had been away from my kids for 12 days! Of course, we talked everyday....but when they met me at the airport they ALL wanted to hold my hand and my 8 year old sweetie kept looking at me saying "oh, Mommie. Oh, Mommie." It was the best part of the whole trip. As they say, there is NO place like home, click, click, click.....

love you!


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, Kate, what an awesome picture. Thank you for giving me a face to go with your wonderful heart and name!

Kim in ON

underthesky said...

Have made me feel so warm and fuzzy with all your sweet comments. Thank you so much! What a great community the blog world is.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kate. I, too, love the picture! And KOLBI, wow! How fun for you all. Is Kolbi blogging? Janet.

MiddleEarthMom said...

Kate, you are so pretty! It really is not fair, but I will live with the fact that all you other bloggies are gorgeous. Sounds like you had a great time. I hope you get to travel more in the future. It is nice to take a TINY break from the kids now and then. :)

JenIG said...

Like hurry up and post a new entry. I know you don't have anything else to do except write blogs for me to read. now hurry up and stop being such a slacker. Let's see... your new blog entry should be allllllll about making tissue paper flowers and how to attach them to green pipe cleaner. Or at least include a link to a website that describes the process in a way that a drugged chimpanzee could understand and implement with her children, because i tell you what, the websites that I found might as well been written in greek. How the heck do you fold something in "accordian style so that you're left with a flat triangular piece"? what is that supposed to mean??? If I can't figure it out soon, expect to find my pallet of multi-colored chenille paper and pipe cleaner left on your doorstep....

TulipGirl said...

Here I am in Florida, finally--and I missed it!