Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sovereignty! Aaaaanndddd, a little struggle. :+)

Well, this Thursday morning at the hideous hour of 4:30 I will be departing my home for the airport. I will fly with my good friend, Jen, to the beautiful not-currently-hurricaning state of Florida. I am headed to the Florida Parent-Educators Conference. Yes, I do live in glorious sunny California, but the California homeschool conventions just were not enough for me. HA! That is in jest, of course, but I am going to Florida anyway. Now in order to *get* to Florida, I have to fly there because it is a little late to start driving, and it is the quickest way to avoid the Midwest. (That was also in jest for you midwestians.) In reality, we are flying and it spooks me. So all this jesting is really to hide the fact that I am not comfortable dangling my life upwards of thousands of feet in the air. I know, I know, it is safer than cars, probably safer than walking, but it is still the fact that I am doing something SO out of the ordinary – and when I say out of the ordinary I mean it. I have not been on a plane in almost 15 years. Sooooo, it is just a little out of my comfort zone, you know?

I asked my dear husband if he ever feared flying. He said, “No, God is sovereign in this area just as much as others.” Hey, now don’t confuse me with the facts please! In reality, it is a blessing he said that to me. He understands the minute details of sovereignty in a way that I am missing. I could keel over in the back yard while gardening, I could go in my sleep, I could… well, you know, I just could, and it would be in His time. If I am on the plane and something happens then it is His time. God will care for those who are here – better than I can. It is hard to face these fears for me. It is hard not to have control over everything. There is great safety in my head when I think of being “in control.” But that is a farce too! When are we ever truly in complete control of anything? I am SO glad that God is truly in control – that His hand moves the world – that He is truly King of all. That means He is King of all - including airplanes! There is great comfort in that for me, and I will be praying that while we take off at ten past six on Thursday morning.

If you think of us, please pray that all will go well during the weekend. There is much to accomplish, fabulous people to meet, information to take in, and some relaxing to do. I have not been away from my entire family ever and this will be a big time first.



Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you and Jen, Kate! Have you been to Florida before? If not, I hope you get to wade in the ocean - for us California girls, it is a trip! And to see the sunRISE over the ocean - pretty weird! Enjoy your grand adventure!!

SomeOne said...

Well, right now you are only 3 1/2 hours from me. Couldn't get to the convention this year, due to a nursing baby. Hope you have (had) fun and I'll be looking forward to hearing about it on yours and K-- blog.

Joanna said...

This is my first time here. I live north of you, in Redding.
I was seriously contemplating flying to Va. for their conference next month in June. I've never been to a conference before. I checked out the ones in the Bay Area via CHEA's website but none of the speakers interested me. The ones in Va. REALLY did.
But-I am terrified of flying. So I'm not going. :)
I'd love to know why you chose the Fl. one to go to. Please share all about it-the speakers who were there, the curriculum you bought...I guess I can attend a convention vicariously thru you. :)