Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sovereignty! Aaaaanndddd, a little struggle. :+)

Well, this Thursday morning at the
hideous hour of 4:30 I will be departing my home for the airport. I
will fly with my good friend, Jen, to the beautiful
not-currently-hurricaning state of Florida. I am headed to the Florida
Parent-Educators Conference. Yes, I do live in glorious sunny
California, but the California homeschool conventions just were not
enough for me. HA! That is in jest, of course, but I am going to
Florida anyway. Now in order to *get* to Florida, I have to fly there
because it is a little late to start driving, and it is the quickest
way to avoid the Midwest. (That was also in jest for you midwestians.)
In reality, we are flying and it spooks me. So all this jesting is
really to hide the fact that I am not comfortable dangling my life
upwards of thousands of feet in the air. I know, I know, it is safer
than cars, probably safer than walking, but it is still the fact that I
am doing something SO out of the ordinary – and when I say out of the
ordinary I mean it. I have not been on a plane in almost 15 years.
Sooooo, it is just a little out of my comfort zone, you know?

I asked my dear husband if he ever feared flying. He said, “No, God is
sovereign in this area just as much as others.” Hey, now don’t confuse
me with the facts please! In reality, it is a blessing he said that to
me. He understands the minute details of sovereignty in a way that I am
missing. I could keel over in the back yard while gardening, I could go
in my sleep, I could… well, you know, I just could, and it would be in
His time. If I am on the plane and something happens then it is His
time. God will care for those who are here – better than I can. It is
hard to face these fears for me. It is hard not to have control over
everything. There is great safety in my head when I think of being “in
control.” But that is a farce too! When are we ever truly in complete
control of anything? I am SO glad that God is truly in control – that
His had moves the world – that He is truly King of all. That means He
is King of all - including airplanes! There is great comfort in that
for me, and I will be praying that while we take off at ten past six on
Thursday morning.

If you think of us, please pray that all will go well during the
weekend. There is much to accomplish, fabulous people to meet,
information to take in, and some relaxing to do. I have not been away
from my entire family ever and this will be a big time first.



For your safety, your anxiety, but also that you will have just the BEST time ever. And watch out for Jen Ig; she snores.

JenIG said...

first of all; i don't snore. you have to sleep in order to snore. no... actually that's not true, my daughter coie used to always snore when she was wide awake. I'd always tell her, "You're snoring", and then she'd look embarrassed and stop. Anyways, kate, i promise not to snore, but i do NOT promise that I won't scream, shriek and run up and down the narrow airplane aisle (hurdling over the drink cart) screaming, "GET ME OFF GET ME OFF". Gena is worse though. Just be glad you're flying with me instead. People were just NOT meant to fly....

underthesky said...

At least you don't watch LOST - now that is a show not worth thinking about when you are going to fly in a plane!!

ACK! The season finally is TOMORROW night. Sigh.

:) Kate

BelovedLamb said...

Kate, I commented on your other blog - I didn't connect that this 'underthesky' and that 'underthesky' blog were the same - MORE COFFEE!!!!

And, I'm tickled to hear (at least I'm assuming it's true) that you like Lost? I'm sooooo addicted that I reschedule my sleep study (I DO snore!) until the next night so I could watch the first part of the season finale! I'm eagerly awaiting tv tonight!! LOL

TrogdorTheBurninator said...

So, are you going to (gasp) tape the show and watch it when you are safe at home...walking...to the dangerous garden....?

underthesky said...

I will watch it tonight. :+)


ByHisGraceInColorado said...

Kate, I feel your pain. When I flew to Arizona and back last fall, I hadn't been in a plane since 1981! Oh, wait, my brain failed me, I flew in 1994---that time I had food poisoning all the way from Sky Harbor to Colorado Springs. I am probably the only person in the whole world that you know who has actually USED a barf bag. Oops, is Mark's bad-word filter going to zap that????

Anyway, I will be praying for you. Have a wonderful time. Don't forget your earplugs, I understand you will need them.


P.S., Jen is right, people weren't meant to fly. I found that out early on, after watching "Mary Poppins" and then trying to umbrella off the top of the church steps. (about 10 feet high. Ouch.)

Academy252 said...

Oh, I hope you will share your weekend adventure with us. We want details on all you learned and of course the resources scoop. Blessings!