Saturday, May 14, 2005

A humble, beautiful day!

Today was the day that our church put on a Mother/Daughter tea. I brought my oldest, Hannah, by second oldest, Abigail, and our fourth child, Elizabeth. I had expected it to be nice, maybe some sweet mothers speaking, and some good food to go along with this special time. It was so much more than I expected!

It is hard to put into words what this day means to me. I have been so very busy, and preoccupied with the difficulties of wearing so many different hats that I had moved one of the most important ones to the bottom of the wearing list. You may think how can it be possible to live with five children and forget about the primary importance of your role here? Well, it is possible, and humbling to realize that the move was made so easily. My life is F.U.L.L. in every sense of the word, and I have allowed the tyranny of the urgent to take the lead. I have just been mismanaging my priorities for a few months and this tea really helped me to see that at the end of it all, what will really matter the most is what I do here and now with these children.

Not only did I have lovely fellowship with my own children, and truly enjoyed the easy pace with them, but I gleaned from the rich offerings of the older women who were there. One woman recalled some of her best memories with her three daughters; one woman shared that while we build into the lives of our daughters, and pray for them, we will someday set them free to be the women that God created them to be. We are the ones who will help equip them to live that life. One daughter gave honor to her mother by saying she gave me roots and she gave me wings. Then one daughter, who happened to be my own Hannah, aged ten years, stood up and recited a poem she had written about me. Here is what she said:

My Mother

My Mother helps me all the day
In school and crafts, in work and play
She looks out for me in every way
And teaches me what to do and say

She works her fingers to the bone
But through it all she's not alone
God helps her to care for the home
And loves her.

She will never really know
How much she means to me
And how much I mean to her
Is more than I can see

When the day comes that we must part
I will know truly in my heart
That she is still, from heart and soul
My loving Mother.

God gives us glimpses into His plan sometimes to help us to see the "why" behind it all. Why do I do what I do every day? Ohhh! Thank you, God, for helping me to see that what I do is important; what I do is for your glory and for our good! These precious children are ours for such a short, short time - only on loan and in trust. I was humbled beyond words today, honored by my precious daughter in a very public way, and God used it to remind me - THIS is your purpose here in this home. No matter what else you do, what else is important, remember that this is right there at the top, along with Me and your husband. Do not forget these little ones.

Thank you, Jesus, for a glimpse, and thank you for the beautiful gifts of my children.


Kim said...

We're having our mother-daughter tea on Wednesday, Kate. I hope I come back as refreshed and blessed as you have!

Cheryl Hannah said...

Kate, what a sweet poem from your daughter. It really is nice when your kids start to give back to us after all the time we spend putting into them, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Im so blessed that my grandchildren have you as their Mom. My son first saw all the possibilities and we'er all glad he did! You are amazing! and tender, and humble...loving...thoughful...intellegent...strong...helpful...selfless ... ...