Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fit it in the margin

There are several blogs that I read every day that are always new, always thoughtful, and usually long. I am amazed that these great minds exist and that they can so eloquently express what is running through them. I find myself so busy with children, schooling, work, and family that my mind is seldom quiet enough to do such heavy thinking. I mean I just have not had the time to read the deep books, study the theology I enjoy reading and learning about, or really set apart that quiet time for reflection. I mean I almost do not know what reflection is anymore.

I am not complaining, mind you, I really am not. I am just so very busy. I read that sometimes and I hate that as an excuse for almost anything, but in my current reality, it is the truth. Some people have a great ability to have margin in their lives. While I don't feel like I have reached the margins of mine, (thankfully!) I do sometimes feel like butter stretched over too much bread - and I am no where near Bilbo's age!

Probably part of this feeling stems from the last month being in a state of flux; first with our wonderful Disneyland trip and then followed by three weeks of sickness. It throws a person - sort of in front of a moving train. We have not had a "normal" week in a month's time. This weekend we are heading out to a wonderful weekend of sun and water fun here in sunny CA, for a Mother's Day extravaganza with my extended family. It will be very nice, very full, and we will come home very tired, but it will be a warm weekend of fellowship with family we do not see that often. We are blessed to have good family. The more I read the more I realize just how blessed we are.

I appreciate all you ladies out there, and the few gentlemen I read as well, for your thoughtfulness on life's important issues. It is sometimes all I can do, to read another's thoughts, but I appreciate all the depth your mind puts into it - even if I cannot do the same.



Kim said...

Your children are still young, Kate, and demand a lot of your attention. I have found that as my children get more independent, life's busyness changes. I am out in the car a lot, and sitting and waiting for kids to finish music lessons, etc., and that is where I a lot of reading. Today, I will get in my van at 1:45, and will not get out until about 4:00, and while I have a sore hip (sciatica) I will have done some reading.

I never read as much when my kids were little.

Anonymous said...

Kate, just keep doing what you do on this blog. I really enjoy my (almost daily) visits. You are a blessing to me. I feel very much like what you described, my 5 children are all under 12 and I am not an avid reader or theologian either. Hey, I don't even have my own blog :) Sincerely, Janet. Have a wonderful Mother's day!!

Kate said...

Both of you ladies are a blessing to me! I enjoy the deep writing that you, Kim, do, and the encouragement that you, Janet, bring me in your comments.

You are right, Kim, there are different seasons. Sometimes I feel like I will always be in this one. It is not a bad one by any means, but it is a busy one!

Thanks again, ladies, for your encouragement.


Di said...

Kate m'dear,

You are the bestest of the best. You are just what you should be -- a mix of Monty Python and Great Books, Margueritaville and the Five Points of Calvinism. Fret not, friend. Your spot in the blogosphere is a sunny, warm and special place.

When all the children are grown, and we can meet for long, weekly lunches, we will marvel at the amount we accomplished during these years. Savor it -- it is fleeting!

So glad to call you friend,