Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Disneyland is moving!"

said my little four year old daughter the first morning of our adventure. It certainly was and we certainly did! From the time we got into the park we just kept going and going. We were like Energizer bunnies with a few hours of break time in between morning and nighttime to eat and rest up. We closed the park on Sunday at 11:00 after much excitement, Disney character interaction, chocolate, and, of course, roller coasters! I have never seen such delighted children. There was not a better gift from their Aunt and Uncle that they could have received than this trip. It was marvelous in every respect.

Not only was Disneyland clean, it was beautiful. There was so much living greenery in the park that when you were in Pooh’s area you felt you were almost in the Hundred Acre Wood. The plants and trees were everywhere and it was lovely. I had not been there for 11 years and what changes they made! We had a hopper pass for the California Adventure Park and that was just as fun. If I was going to go over the edge with roller coasters, this was the one to do it with. California Screamin’ was a stomach dropping, air catching, insanely fast, upside-down loop wild ride. Even my six year old was into it. Between you and me, I was darn happy to only ride it once! :+)

I think the one person of our group that surprised me the most was our four year old! She was a maniac in the fullest sense of the word! If she was tall enough, she rode it. No Matterhorn monsters, rocking bullet trains, steep drops or heights could dissuade her. She was up for it and more and would more often than not have her hands in the air. What a funny little person!

Not only did we have the fun of the parks, but we also visited the Medieval Times. This was a great show: real sword fighting with sparks and maces flying, beautiful well-trained horses, great riding, and jousting to boot! We ate with our hands, cheered for our blue knight, waved our flag in the air, and banged our steins. It was a royal feast and we were the honored guests. WHAT a marvelously fun knight!

We had three whole days in the parks, good food, three restful nights in a fabulous hotel, really wonderful fellowship with two generous and loving people plus two special cousins. The children have superb memories and a whirlwind of excitement that will stay with them forever. Thank you, Steve and Teri, for your kind and marvelous gift to us. We will never forget it.



Kim said...

I'm so envious. I would love to take my kiddos there!

Glad you're back!

Pilot Mom said...

So glad you are back and with a ton of wonderful memories! What fun!

BGK said...

I'm sooo envious. I went to California 15 years ago, but not Disneyland. Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Yayyyyy! D-Land rocks! I was so proud when Max went on California Screamin. Did you do Soarin' Over California? That's our favorite, we've done it about 348 times. Oh, and The Bugs Life 3D movie? Gave both Max AND Daddy nightmares!

Kate said...

Yes, Puppdaddy, we did ride Soaring Over California. It was my favorite ride! Talk about being proud to live here - I sure was after riding it. (Social problems and all!) :+)

The 3D show was completely nutty and I had a row of spooked children. It was very clever though, and I was seriously impressed by the whole thing.

It was a grand adventure from beginning to end!