Friday, March 18, 2005

What a great night!

Our first official family tradition of St. Patrick's Day was a success! It was everything I remembered and the Irish Soda Bread was amazing. That was the first time I had attempted to make it and it was moist and yummy! I forgot to buy the raisins, but it was just as good without them. The children were happy to start another tradition, they enjoyed the meal, and Daddy was happy with the Guinness I bought him. :-) We had Grandma L over too and we all had a very nice time together. Family times are so precious!

So thanks Kim and Diane for their lovely St. Pat's posts, and to the Irish I say, thanks for the saving the civilization, for your good cooking, and the great heritage!


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Di said...

I actually prefer soda bread without the raisins. It is sooooo yummy -- the best way to use some butter, right?

Have you bought the Irish butter from Trader Joes? I hear it is great. Sounds like another reason to head in your direction.

J. asked for a Guiness last night. If you can only remember the raisins OR the Guiness, you made a fine choice (-: I, however, had raisins. Poor hubby!