Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Peace and a quiet heart...

Does it not appeal to you to run through the field this tree is in and gape at the grand blue sky above it? Imagine Julie Andrews at the top of the Austrian mountain twirling in circles and you have the picture I see. Or to lie in the soft green grass and stare up at the fluffy white clouds? What shapes can you see, children? What shapes do you see in the great wide sky? There is beauty in the world so tangible that sometimes it is painful.

The light of the sun reflecting off the soft hazel eyes of my daughter as she smiles up at me delightedly. The sweetness of a tiny person enchanted with an earthworm enough to hold it tenderly and kiss it. The trust a daughter has in me to share her life; the overwhelming sense of thankfulness that such a relationship as this exists for me. The quiet smile and knowing look in the another child's eyes as we exchange glances through the crowd on Sunday. The happiness in my son as he rushes up to me, hugs me tightly, and kisses me for no reason. The love of a husband who will always be my own; the man in whom I trust completely and love with my life's breath. Such are the blessings of God to me.

For such things I am truly thankful. May I never be too busy to enjoy and be thankful for what is before me.



Kim said...

What lovely, peaceful thoughts, Kate. A nice way to begin my day!

Di said...

What a treat to see those lovely eyes of your children's on Easter. Thanks for these beautiful words.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your sweetness! Did you know that when Julie was twirling and singing on the mountain, it was so cold they worried about her shivering? ~QB