Thursday, March 31, 2005

Goodbye Terri

For those of you who do not know it yet, Terri died this morning. Thank you for praying for this family and this poor poor woman. My heart is grieved over what she had to endure because she was a burden to her husband and to society. What does this say about our culture? Where are we headed in this nation when it is OK to kill a healthy living breathing woman because she was disabled? Please pray for her family; that they would know Jesus, know His comfort, and know that their fight was not in vain. And pray for the nation, that God will change the hearts and minds of the people towards Himself before it is too late for our land.

Goodbye, Terri, you were amazingly strong and brave. Would that the leaders of this nation and your husband made of the same stock. May God go with you.


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Pilot Mom said...

My heart, too, is grieved over her 'presumed' burden to society and her 'husband.' I use that word loosely since I would think being married would entail remaining faithful to your wife while she is incapacitated, not living with another woman and fathering 2 children. *sigh* So sad.