Sunday, March 06, 2005

Farewell and a Welcome

It has been a month since we lost our Ambulance kitty. He was a mild-mannered, sweet and patient cat. We miss his quirks and his funny expression and his ability to be flexible with the love (sometimes too much) our children showed him. He was a free thinker who liked to roam and that may have been his undoing. We miss his white goatee on his almost all-black body, we miss his white feet, we miss his knowing eyes, and we miss his presence on our front porch. It was he who enabled me to see the sweetness and beauty of having a cat in our lives. Ambulance, you were loved, and you will be missed.


We opened our home today to a new addition! We made the big plunge and brought ourselves home a kitty. He is almost five months old and still little enough to be a playful kitten. He is an absolutely adorable almost entirely black short haired Pippen. :-) He is in the midst of exploring our home and I am having a difficult time keeping the children from him. I am already attached to him and he is a playful purring snuggler that will be dearly loved here. It is wonderful to have him. I am thankful the the creatures God places in our lives - it only adds to the beauty of living.



Di said...

Welcome, Pippen! And remember, they come in PINTS (-:
I'm so sorry to see the Ambulance mourned, though. A fine cat, and he will be missed.

Happy cat days,

Anonymous said...

Yay! Cats RULE.

I know. I am married to one. She's not as playful as your Pippen anymore, but she naps at every opportunity and operates strictly on her own terms. And she was litter-trained already when I got her.

Speaking of that, avoid the automated sensor-equipped self-scooping litter boxes. I've heard stories that, while HILARIOUS, apparently traumatized the poor kitties.

Welcome Little McKatelett Kitty!

Kim said...

Kate, my kitty is named Pippen, too!

It's sad when we don't know what happened to our lost pets. We mourn for them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, I'm so glad to hear you have a new kitty in your home. I have been catching up on reading your blog and really enjoy your writing about dancing. I just love to dance! I would love to learn how to do a really good two step, you know, smooth. The waltz and swing dancing would be great too. Didn't you learn the bus stop in school? I'm 38, maybe it was before your time. Anyway, it's been fun catching up, I really enjoy your blog. Sincerely Janet