Tuesday, March 22, 2005

All I can do from here for Terri Schiavo

is pray and write letters. I am doing both. Please consider what you can do and do it.

President George W. Bush
(email address: president@whitehouse.gov)
Vice President Richard Cheney
(email address: vice.president@whitehouse.gov)
Governor John Ellis "Jeb" Bush
(email address: jeb.bush@myflorida.com)

I ask only one thing and that is: please save this disabled woman’s life. I am sure you have heard all there is to hear on this so there is nothing I can say that will further enlighten you regarding the facts. What I can say is that she is a person, a woman in need of assistance, a human life worth saving. We treat our criminals and our animals better than she has been treated and I ask, actually I beg of you, please write an Executive Order, take her into custody; do whatever it takes to save this precious woman’s life. This is not about politics, or liberal/conservative, but about her humanity. I ask from my heart that you do something. She is worth it.

She is real, she is human, she is worth it.


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Thank you for the links. I wrote Jeb Bush yesterday. Still praying. Janet.