Friday, February 11, 2005

Which SV?

Nope, not talking about SUVs in this post. :-) I am actually talking about Bible versions. I recently entered to win a new ESV Bible along with The Holiness of God (and you can too if you click the book link below. This was edited by R.C. Sproul (a man I much admire) and used to be known as the New Geneva Study Bible. I have been an avid NASB gal for some time and really appreciate the word for word translation, but I am open to reading an even better one if it is out there. The Holiness of God is one of the best books I have ever read and would love to gift that to a friend should I win as we already own it.

Study Bible

If any of you have experience with the new ESV edition and would care to share it, I would like to hear it.


My still-intact wisdom teeth are moving again. I have immense sympathy for babies cutting their teeth because I know what it feels like and let me tell you - IT HURTS. It is simply not available to me right now to have them removed so here I sit CRANKY because of it. Good old fake asprin helps, but I am working my way to the stuff that numbs it; ice cream. I figure why not, it has cream in it and I need the relief it will bring me. It is as good of an excuse for ice cream as any I can come up with, and this one happens to be true. :-)


No sign of the cat yet. We might get a puppy. This time a SMALL one that knows it is at the bottom of the totem pole. (Cody, our former dog, thought he ruled the world.) We will see. I am not sure. Any dog lovers out there to convince me we need a dog? At least my kitchen floor might be in better shape regularly, eh? I do desire to have that snuggly dog, and certainly the children and their daddy do, but do I have it in me? Doubtful, but we shall see. At least I would not be allergic to it! We still miss you Ambulance!!

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend and don't forget that loved one on Monday!



Di said...

NO DOG, Kate. NO DOG. Get another cat. Our family rule worked well: wait for the dog until everyone is potty trained. A dog is ANOTHER CHILD regarding training!!!

Okay, end of sermon.

GREAT to see you last night.


Kim said...

I am getting an ESV, Kate, and I, too have been a NASB girl for about ten years. I think if you go to Desiring God ministries, there is an essay by John Piper about why he uses the ESV as opposed to the NASB.

I already have The Holiness of God; it was one of the most powerful books I ever read.

I'm with Diane on the cat thing. We bought our dog before my youngest was potty trained. Let's just say the dog had a penchant for dirty diapers, and it wasn't pretty.

Anonymous said...

DON'T DO IT, KATE! You asked, and I can't say it emphatically enough. I KNOW your life...dogs are like 2-year-olds who NEVER grow up!!!!

Heather, getting her fix at the library

Kate said...

WOW! Overwhelming anti-dog sentiment. I think I am getting the message. The cute one I was thinking of was available and once that happened I thought to myself, do I *really* want this?! NO! I am pursuing a cat that needs a home.

Thanks for your help!

Dy said...

Oh, I see I got here way too late! Ah, well, as a huge fan of the dog end of the spectrum, I'd have said go for it! But, well, better your house providing a home for a cat than mine. ;-) Good luck.

Patty in WA or Rover said...

I have switched to the ESV for two reasons. I grew up on the NASB, and it was wonderful to give very accurate translations of exact words and meanings. But it is in literary form very stilted. The NASSB was written to be stone cold accurate, but not to provide transport through beauty of expression.

I have long realized that I am not going to be a Biblical scholar, that what I need is to have the Bible transform me, enter my heart and make me conform to its truth. It has been an immense help to have a style that calls to the soul through beauty of expression.

Our church uses the NRSV which is regarded as an accurate translation across all party lines, but it is so dang stilted in some of its expression that it just made me mad. (Now THAT is a great way to approach the word of God--cranky!) ESV seems to be making inroads across party lines, that is from Baptist to Roman Catholic readers, and I have found myself remembering the words and musing on them much longer than I did with the NRSV or the NASB.

I have never used the NIV as my main Bible, so I don't think you can say I just drift with the latest translation. I *have* one, but it's been NASB, NRSV and for the past year or so, ESV.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kate-dear:
No dog, Kate. I completely agree with Di--wait for the dog until everyone is completely potty-trained. If you get a cat, can it please be an outdoor cat when I'm visiting? I'm allergic :-) Thanks for (FINALLY) sending me the link to your blog.
Love to you all (esp the Ab-ster birthday girl!), Grace