Monday, February 07, 2005


I am a little down tonight. I have a lot of work to do, not enough time in the day to do it, and our cat is missing. He has been with us for close to seven years and is very special. He has been missing for almost five days. I have no real hope of his being returned although I do know God is certainly capable. I am just down because it seems SO unlikely that he would even wander off at all. His name is Ambulance and he is a black kitty with white feet and a white goatee. I am not even a cat person really, but there is a hole here and it just makes me sad he is missing. There is a possibility we will find him in a shelter, and we are praying to that end. That is all for tonight - I hear my baby needs me.



Kim said...

Aww, Kate, I'm thinking of you today! I am a cat person, but not one of those die-hard cat people. Once we had a cat wander away for a few days, and it was hard.

StaceyL, who posts at TWTM had a cat that was gone for about two weeks, and he came back.


Di said...

NOT AMBULANCE! Oh, Kate, I am sorry. I will pray that he will be the cat that comes back...maybe he just found a fun party down the road. He always was looking for the best gig in town.

I always remember sitting in the front yard the year I was pregnant with Bren (or was it the next year), and Ambulance kept wanting to crawl up my dress (-: He's such a funny, funny cat.

Let me know what happens.