Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Playmobil for the Birthday Boy!

Six years ago this time today I was rejoicing in the birth of my one and only son, John Henry. It was a difficult birth as Di can attest to because she was there to see it - and a few days later had her own sweet boy. Such a dear special friend! He is my beautiful brown-eyed young prince and I just love him to pieces. You can see his sweet boy face HERE if you have not already in the previous blog entry where I featured his darling grin. :-) Can you tell I really like him? Anyway, my JH turns 6 today and it is hard to believe he is already that old. Time flies so those of you with new babies - enjoy them!

We gave him this:

and for only a meer $30 that is a fabulous deal for all the "Argh, mateys!" he will get out of it. We love Playmobil here - all of us, from age 35 down to the two year old! It is an affordable (for the most part unless you want the Fairy Castle) toy that lasts and lasts. There are many small parts, but don't worry, they go through the intestinal system. I can attest to that. :-)

Happy Birthday to our Best Boy. He is truly a gift from God and the best boy we could ever ask for.



Di said...

Yowza, makes me start doing lamaze breathing again, just reading about it (-:

Happy Birthday, Big JH! We send you big birthday wishes and plenty of kisses,

Di et all

Donna Boucher said...

What a lucky boy! To have a family that adores him....and for getting that very very cool pirate ship!!!

Happy Birthday to John Henry!

Miz Booshay

Dy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

We have a pirate ship that sails our seas here, too. It has only been afloat since Christmas, but it's logged many, many hours.

Happy Sailing!