Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More Questions! I hope you answer them too!

Thanks to The Home Realm for these great questions! This type of thing really is a lot of fun.

- Has your theology changed over the years?
Yes, absolutely. Reformed theology is the only theology that lines up Biblically. I love the sense in it and the truth of it.

- How would you describe your "personal style"?
Oh boy, well, um, I don't think I have any! :-) I suppose I would if I chose to spend a lot of money, but my clothes are rather eclectic and while I don't always scream "Homeschool Mom" I don't scream fashion model either.

- Which subjects have you studied in the most depth throughout your life?
Creation, Theology, Floral Design, and History

- Coffee or Tea?
Both, just not at the same time. Life is good with Earl Grey as well as with a dark French Roast.

- What is your best quality? Your worst?
I am a loyal and true friend. I do not have much patience and can be quick to anger.

- If you were given $100,000 today, what would you do with it?
Pay off my mother, buy a brand new van, and invest the rest.

- What were your favorite books as a child?
The Secret Garden and Janette Oke books.

- Do you have a good singing voice?
Only in the shower.

- Do you like liver
That is a filtering organ and I would not be caught dead eating it. :-)

- What is your philosophy of government?
A Moral Republic

- If you could suddenly have any talent, what would it be?
To play the piano. (Really it is to be able to fly, but that is just slightly fantastical.)

- Do you make your own pizza?
Yes, white ranch sauce, freshly made dough, garlic and cheese. YUM!

- Do you exercise?
Weellllllllllllllll, I am getting there. We did today!

- If you could visit any foreign country, which would you choose and why?
I would go back with my whole family to Ireland and England and stay for a year touring with someone else's budget. :-)

- What is your most unhealthy habit?
Cream in my coffee - real cream.

- How is your home decorated?
Scattered toys, various stuffed animals, several computers, with a splash of country and lots of dust. [Honesty is the best policy!]

- Do you plan your meals or choose what sounds good that day?
Choose what sounds good that I can prepare with what is on-hand that day!

- What talents or strengths do you see in your children?
Creative, interested, funny, happy, love to play and learn.

- Do you speak any foreign languages?
Un petit morceau de fran├žais. [A little bit (small piece) of French.]

- What do you do for the first hour you are awake in the morning?
Stare at the computer screen reading blogs wondering what to make for breakfast.

Anyone care to answer these? If you do answer them, feel free to do it in my comment section or on your blog - just let me know you did so I can read them!

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Di said...

1) I hope so
2) Expensive
3) Home Economics, writing, gardening, the Christian life
4) Coffee -- always
5) I am a good wife; I have a bad temper
6) Pay off the mortgage
7) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlotte's Web
8) Good is a strong word
10) Local control
11) Sewing
12) Yes
13) Yes
14) British Isles
15) Gaining and losing weight; then starting all over again
16) The literary look -- bookcases, plaids, dark woods. Just missing the smell of pipe tobacco to be perfect (oh, and the laundry pile.)
17) Music, sewing/handwork, sketching, athletics, writing, public speaking, singing, baking and cooking...the list goes ever on and on.
18) Speak is a strong word. Pig latin doesn't count does it? A bit o' french (I can function in Montreal...don't know about Paris.)
19) Tidy self and room, stretch, write, sketch, check my blog favorites and drink LOTS of coffee.