Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Master of the Blog Universe!

A Circle of Quiet, albeit listed without the all important "A," is currently up for the Best New Evangelical Blog Award from Evangelical Undergroud. It is indeed her site linked on their entry page and since I think she ought to be master of the blog universe, and will certainly place my vote her way, chads and all, I thought you might wish to know this too!
Here is how you enter:
Nominations will be taken beginning today via email until February 14th. Voting on will last for two days with finalist winners being announced on the 18th.

So start sending in those nominations! Be sure to post about this on your blog to encourage your readers to nominate you.

Winners will receive prominant links on various blogs, a special graphic, and deep-rooted emotional fulfillment. [And to think all this for free - no mood mist whatsoever!]

Nominations can be sent to eblogawards@gmail.com

You GO Di! Thanks for sharing the information, Anne!
Huzzah! Kate


Di said...

Pregnant chad, Kate? Dimpled? Hanging? I DEMAND A RECOUNT (and the votes aren't even in yet.)

You crack me up. I loved their promise deep-rooted emotional fulfillment (and your mood-mist addition.)


Di said...
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Kim said...

Oh, I think I'll stick with the mood mist... competition, no matter how fulfilling scares the pants off of me. I think I'll just give my vote for Diane.