Friday, February 04, 2005

Java! Java! Java! Cap ooo cheeeno!

There is something wrong with a morning when it begins with foul coffee. I ran OUT of both good coffees, the one given to us as a six month Christmas gift (a pound a month from a different roaster!), and the one from my dear husband. SO, what does a desperate pain-in-the-head-you-stayed-up-too-late gal do? Well, I stumbled in my coffee walk. I admit it, I stumbled because in my way of thinking desperate times call for desperate measures. I used over-a-year-old pre-ground, packaged gift coffee from last Christmas. Yep, my less than lucid state of mind said, "How bad can it be?" Let me tell you, it. was. bad. I do not think that even Denny's coffee could get this bad. All the cream and sugar in the world could not make up for what this coffee lacked. I just could not do it. I could not defile my inner self with it so I tossed it. "ANYTHING is better than this." So I had some tea. Sigh. It is not the same I will say, but there *is* caffeine involved with tea so I was on the upswing.

Then I went shopping. I bought 28 ounces of dark French roast beans. The kind that is sealed shut and when you open it you think you are in Peet's coffee with the oily beans. Even my beans were oily albeit not from Peet's. I was imagining the bliss and went in search for my half and half. Now in all honesty, I really really really wanted whipping cream. I have this no-so-secret love of cream that is beyond reason, but I maintained my cool since the only size sold at my local Smart and Final (or Dumb and Temporary as we like to call it) is a quart or a half gallon and while I like whipping cream, even *I* have limits. So I bought the half and half and came home.

Is anyone still with me? Well, anyway, I brewed two cups, one for my dear coffee-loving husband and one for myself before I even finished putting away the groceries. I thought, Nirvana is close at hand! It was NOT strong enough. I had miscalculated, due to hurry, the amount of scoops needed for a proper cup. We are not weak coffee drinkers, but we like it to be chewy (well, OK, not really, but you get the idea). I only had a little and left it to get cold. Enough! I said to myself this afternoon, what is the day coming to without a proper jolt of black gold? I just made myself a thick dark mocha with my half and half/milk mixture, Hershey's cocoa mix, and a dark dark espresso. I am a HAPPY mama.

:-) Kate

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Di said...

Oooooowweee, you are talkin' my language, Kate!


The kitchen is whispering, "Latte...latte....yooo hooo!"

Better go,