Friday, February 11, 2005

A great link

I really enjoy Christine Miller's, Classical Homeschooling website. There is just so much to feast off of not only visually, but also the many many lists and essays all there to help us homeschool moms! A list I came across today is entitled 100 Pivotal Events of Western History. She is unabashedly a young earth creationist and this is where she starts. From there it just keeps marching though time up until 2001 and the attacks on the World Trade Center. I look forward to printing this list out and reading though it. I thought you might all find it interesting too!



Anonymous said...

Another great thing about that "100 Pivotal events" list is that it's full of links to interesting articles and sites.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful link on the pivotal events!

Anonymous said...

Everybody to the limit!

-S.Bad and T.Cheat