Wednesday, February 09, 2005

As you walk along the way...

Today was one of those amazing conversation with the children days where things just click and they get it - and we really talk about important subjects. It was during our Bible time (which is not always nearly this fruitful however much *I* take from it) that the subject of "What if I didn't believe in the God of the Bible - what is the alternative?" came up. Does it make sense? During the course of my Christian life there have been times of struggle in my belief and I shared this with them - is this God for real? I would always ask myself, what is the alternative? That I mean nothing, that I am truly equal to a slug, that I came from nothing, that everything around me comes from nothing, that nothing is truly important, and that I am a "nothing" in the great universe.

If you take the humanistic philosophy to the logical conclusion (as I did with a dear friend who happens to be one) even he was willing to admit that what happened at Columbine wouldn't be considered "wrong" in the sense that we all know it is. I was pretty surprised he was willing to say that, but glad he could see the truth in the statement. To him, morality came from society and that is why it is "wrong" in the public's eye. How can wanton cruel death be OK in any way?

So what is the alternative - humanistic evolution, something as complex and marvelous as humans are born out of a big bang, over millions of years and all for what? It is a hopeless philosophy. I think in every heart - even those most deceived - there is the inate knowledge that we are indeed sinners. To say otherwise is only to fool yourself. What, like Christian in Pilgrim's Progress, do we do with the heavy heavy burden and weight of it? It is overwhelming. The beauty of knowing the God of the Universe fashioned me for a purpose, like Himself, to be conformed into His likeness, that we *have* a purpose to be used for His glory - it is almost too much to think about. It is too wonderful.

Even in the depths of the deepest sorrow or despair there is this amazing scripture: "But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us." Through Him who loved us! Not only that, but that nothing can separate us, the certainty with which Romans 8:37-39 was written - it never ceases to encourage me. I am so grateful for the love, for this certainty, for the truth written in His word, that He is indeed, the way, the truth and the life.

May you know Him today,


IMO said...

I like your writing. I will be back to check out more. You mad comment on my blog. To set your mind at ease--not giving up on church--just the institution. "Church" as we have made it has turned into something that God did not intend. With your knowledge of history, we'll talk more. Read more of my writing and you will understand a little of what I'm talking about. E-mail me if you want: teresaabell@lighthousechurchnetwork.net

Kim said...

I have often asked myself where those who do not believe in God get their moral compass from? What sets the standard for right and wrong if there is no God? I think ultimately, we all have a God, whether it's ourselves or another God.

Great post, Kate.