Friday, January 07, 2005

You, my brown eyed girl!

There are the days when my blond haired baby of two delights in drawing large red permanent circles on the walls of the hallway. There are the days when she decides she does not care for the meal I have served and shares it with the tile flooring. There are the days when she shakes her head in frustration because I will not give her what she wants. THEN there are the days when she is my darling brown eyed girl. It is times like these that make being a mother so very worthwhile; the days you know you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right little one. It is when her eyes sparkle with joy at your tickling and she asks, “Gen!” and you tickle her again. It is times like tonight when I sing to her and she stares at me with those big beautiful eyes just listening and then rolls them back as she laughs at me and says, “Momma!” She is learning what it is to be funny. She is learning that she is unique and wonderful and God’s precious gift to me – even on those hard days. But what I am learning is that the delight I feel in her personality truly awakening is the same I felt with my first – that this small character will someday be as bold or daring or quiet or subdued (doubtful there though) as she wishes to be. This, my little brown eyed girl, is as unique and wonderful as Eve on the day of her creation. What a marvel to be a part of it and to watch her unfold! As the baby in her leaves and the little girl emerges, may it please the Lord that I should be able to see it and appreciate each and every moment. I love you my brown eyed girl!



Kim said...

I have a girl with brown eyes who was blonde as a baby, but whose hair is now a little darker. I love my brown eyed girl too, and I wish for you that you will have the friend in your girl that I am gaining in mine!

Kate, you quoted someone on my blog yesterday, and I'm quite interested in who the originator is. Could you tell me?

Meredith said...


thanks for the comment on my blog. Your post was really precious. I have a brown haired, blue eyed girl who is just as precious. She is all princess, all the time although with a very unprincess attitude at times. but it is exciting to anticipate how these little ones will turn out.


Anonymous said...

Wanted to say hello and I've enjoyed reading your comments and now your blog. I have a 2 yo brown haired, blue eyed darling. She is very much like your little one. :) Enjoy her, my oldest darling is 12. YIKES.
Blessings Janet.

Student of History said...

Kim, I answered this on your blog yesterday, but I will answer it here as well. My quote was from Gandalf the Grey, from The Lord of the Rings. It speaks to me when life is hard some days.

Meredith and Janet, thanks for your kind words! It is an honor to have you joining me.


Dy said...

What a beautiful tribute to motherhood and to childhood. I love it.