Tuesday, January 18, 2005

There is weakness, there is frailty...

there is a disolusioned Windows user to be found here. I am in computer recovery. "We love you, Kate!" Thanks, I appreciate it. Sigh!! I simply do not understand why a computer needs to be faulty - why does it need to die? I understand why WE are faulty, why WE need to die - "What does every sin deserve? The wrath and curse of God." And that is no joke either. But I do not understand why computers have to be frail and full of error. OK, enough of that for one day! God is in control and I know that with all my heart. In comparison with the rest of the troubles of the world - this is nothing and I know that. :+)

~ * ~

In other news, can I tell you a heavenly scent?! Fresh paint! We successfully painted a room this weekend a lovely blue. We will be adding some flower stencils and Grandma L may be painting some scenery or other fun additions to the walls. It is like a new room - brand spanking new. I love fresh paint! For just a little money the room is transformed to the delight of us all.

~ * ~

Well as much as I would love to chat with you all, I must be off. Too much neglected housework and laundry, and many hands make light work!

Warmly wishing you a lovely day,

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Karen said...

"there is a disolusioned Windows user to be found here."

~ Get thee to a Macintosh ;-D