Monday, January 31, 2005

Meat and Potatoes

I am eating the fruit of good writing and it is NOT a fiction novel! (But I will digress a little into the fiction realm...) I admit it, I am hopelessly addicted to great literature. I mean REALLY I am. I just received a recent order from one of the best financially fabulous book sources, Bookcloseouts.com. Not only did they have really marvelous literature for my children, George Macdonald's timeless book, The Princess and Curdie, and several of E. Nesbit's always marvelously entertaining books, The Enchanted Castle and The Story of the Amulet, but they had a boxed set of romantic classics for ME!

Truly I thought I was in heaven (well alright, really the kitchen) when my dear husband brought in the box. They even sell a hardback edition of Tolkien's, Roverandom, one of his lesser known works he made up for his boy. There are many classic books on this site often for half (or less!) of what you can buy them new. I even found a French Immersion program on there for a very good price. Happy hunting!

ANYWAY, back to my non-fiction commentary. In reading Ruth Beechick's famous work,
You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully
, I came across some beautiful gems and would like to share them with you.

"Language, in fact, has a claim to being a more human field of studies than any other. Theologians have written of the logos (word) as the image of God within us, and even unbelievers see that a major difference between man and the animals is language. Some scientists would like to discover that dolphins or monkeys or something else have thoughts and communication systems akin to man's, but instead, there seems to be an unbridgeable gulf between animal and man. And the gulf is language."

"Human children begin easily, as with music - learning words and, more importantly, the meaning and thoughts behind words. They graduate to sentences and longer communications. They move on to books wherein are stored the products of man's high use of the logos within him - along with many mediocre and useless and downright trashy products, which we will not consider here. Now if we allow children to read only words and thoughts about the objective world because we have defined those as "true," and we deny them the subjective world, the world of language itself, because it comes from within and we define it as "not true," then we may be denying them familiarity with what is most godlike about humankind. So let's give our children stories - and poems - the literary products of man's image-making abilities."

So while I am really enjoying my reading of Mrs. Beechick - she is in truth, giving me good reason to keep reading my enjoyable fiction! But in all seriousness, there are rich truths to be gleaned from her work and I am grateful to be reading it - slowly and savoring it. Meat and Potatoes!


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Isn't it wonderful to curl up with a great book? Enjoy.