Saturday, January 15, 2005


Some of you know that I work from home on my computer. Wellllllllllll, my computer died on me. Yes, it finally bit the dust and I am not so sure it is temporary. My dear wise computer wizard of a husband is working diligently to fix it, but there are a LOT of really important things on it that will be "poof" GONE if he cannot. I would ask those of you who wish to please pray for the recovery of my system files so that life can go on as we know it. It is truly NOT the end of the world, *but* I can see it from here. :+) I am, should you be wondering, blogging from my dear sweet husband's computer. Sigh. At least I can blog, right? Grin.

Thanks for your prayers!

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Circle of Quiet said...

Yikes. You've got mine, friend. Hoping for a miracle.