Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Today is the day!!

For all of your ROTK fans - today is the day! The extended version has come forth for all the world to see. Hurrah for you! Hurrah for me! Hurrah! Hurrah! For Gondor will be freed! (Think Pooh Bear.) :+)

We are looking forward to a long evening!

~ * ~

Yesterday started the week in a lovely way. I am so thankful for prayers from dear friends (you know who you are) and that I can rest in the knowledge that God is all and is sufficient to help me see clearly what is good and right. Even in my tired morning state after a night of little sleep I can see clearly that anger does not achieve the righteousness of God - and that it is a choice. With my Savior's help I will not give way. Praise Him!

~ * ~

Mind Mints for the week...

While staring at the ceiling last night in a futile attempt to sleep - go figure for I was tired - I opened up a new book entitled Lysbeth: A Tale of the Dutch by H. Rider Haggard (author of King Solomon's Mines).

It is an historical fiction book based in the Netherlands during the Spanish Occupation and the Inquisition of the 16th century. It is not for the faint of heart with regards to strong reformation thinking; for in this book the Spanish are the enemy! While it is fiction, it is historical fiction and is frankly difficult to read at times knowing the intense and often very cruel persecution the early reformers faced. In today's world of "tolerance" - at least the face of it anyway - it is truly hard to imagine such difficulties that faced these brave people.

I also finished reading a book I was not sure would be alright for my daughter (hence the necessity of reading it!) It is entitled Blue Willow and is written by Doris Gates. I found myself really pulling for the ten year old girl and her family forced into a life of cotton picking in the Central Valley of California after a failed farm in the Dust Bowl. You can feel the deep poverty and longing of this united family and the fierce battle within her to be courageous and brave in the face of a mean landlord; but there are also some very good adult role models. She struggles with her understanding and there are big concepts in this book. A good read aloud so mom or dad can explain.

That is all for now - I need a mocha! Have a lovely day and as Mrs. Booshay says,

Encourage One Another!


Di said...

I am NOT going to give in to envy. I WILL stay true to my promise. I will NOT run out to Costco and buy the dvd...I will wait for it to arrive in the mail. I WILL hand it to my husband and have him take it to work. I WILL, I WILL...

Reluctantly faithfully yours,

Kate said...

"I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!"

Said the Little DI that Could. :+)

I heartily applaud your forbearance. What a wife!