Friday, December 31, 2004

For my daughters of destiny

"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other."
George Eliot

We are reading through Daughters of Destiny, compiled and edited by Noelle Wheeler Goforth,

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and are truly enjoying it. Sometimes it is a lovely thing to be reminded of the beauty of womanhood. Here are some beautiful gems:
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"Women's entire existence, in order to be a source of happiness to others as well as to herself, must be one of self-sacrifice. The first step in this royal pathway to all goodness and greatness, is to forget self. Self, with its miserable little cares and affections, is the root of all the wretchedness we cause to others, and all the misery we endure ourselves. Every effort we make to forget self, to leave self behind us, and to devote ourselves to the labor of making every person with whom we live with, happy, is rewarded by inner satisfaction and joy. The first step to becoming unselfish is to forget one's own comfort in order to seek that of others; the next, is to forget one's own pains and suffering, in order to alleviate those of others."
(Page 14)
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May it be this year that I am selfLESS and not selFISH to the glory of my Lord and the blessing of my family.
Warmly wishing you and yours a blessed new year,
Student of History


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful quote!

I often think that the feminization crowd has done such a great disservice to womankind. Even the popular quest to "take some time for yourself", is counterproductive. If I take time for myself, all the other stuff that NEEDS to be done is still there, and I am dissapointed in myself and how I have failed others. Thanks for sharing.


Dy said...

This isn't a sentiment we'll find on the cover of Elle, that's for sure. So much the loss for society. I'm glad to have found it here, though.