Saturday, November 13, 2004

What is the point?

Sometimes I do not know why I do what I do, and other times I am certain. This is one of those times that I am not really sure. Why create a blog? Why spend the time and invest thinking into yet another thing? It has been on my mind for some time. Perhaps it is because I feel I have something to say; perhaps not. Perhaps you will not think I do, but I do not know if I will write for my readers - or if I will have any readers for that matter! I suppose I will figure it all out, but then again, perhaps I won't. Some things in this life are not clear at first, but later become so. Some things are never clear, and then there are those things that are revealed; from darkness to light. I have been spiritually regenerated - made a creature of the light - by He Who is able beyond all that I could have ever asked or thought. It was by Him, through Him, and to Him I owe all. Some things are clear.




Mia said...
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Anonymous said...

Mia said...
Congratulations on making Pride and Prejudice, SofH. I adore that book and would have loved to live there with you. But, alas, I took the little test thingy and ended up in The Picture of Dorian Gray! Something vastly wrong with this Picture. Maybe it was the love of sarcasm that did me in.... And I am a Potato Head homeschooler. Clearly, you are the more sophisticated one here.
I love the blog comments. Please do more in all your spare time. :) (oops. there goes the sarcasm, again), By the way, came across a womderful poem this week. John Donne's "A Hymn to Christ,Atthe Author's Last Going to Germany." Very lovely and haunting,actually.Full of rich phrases such as this:

As the tree's sap doth seek the root below
In winter, in my winter now I go
Where none but thee, the eternal root
Of true love, I may know.