Saturday, November 27, 2004

To begin the festive Christmas season - a poem!

By: Amelia Harper

Silver is as silver sounds -
A scintillating sight.
Silver flashes in the sun
And dances in the light.
Silver threads among the gold
Can garnish age with grace.
Silver sings the season in
With holly and with lace.
Silver in the pocket sounds
Like wealth beyond compare.
Silver settings sparkle add
To jewels rich and rare.
Silver shimmers and it shines
And once I even heard
That a silver bowl with fruit of gold
Is like a fitly spoken word.
(Copyrighted 2004)

This amazing author, Amelia Harper, is a delightful and talented friend. It is a blessing to call her so! I ooze appreciation for her because I truly admire her abilities so much. The charming fact that she loves to discuss all things Tolkien really endears her to me too. :+) It is a blessed thing to share good conversation with rich friends - rich in heart, mind, soul, and spirit.

~ * ~

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Carmon Friedrich said...

I met Amelia at the film festival and had some lovely conversations with her. I'm looking forward to reading her article in TOS, seeing how it compares with my impressions in my Homeschooling Today article.