Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I belong in...


I believe you belong in Pride and Prejudice; a
world of satire and true love. A world where
everything is crystal clear to the reader, and
yet where new things seem to be happening all
the time. You belong in a world where your
free-thought puts you above the silly masses,
and where bright eyes and intelligence are
enough to attract the arrogant
millionaire/prejudiced young person of your

Which Classic Novel do You Belong In?
By: Quizilla

Thank you to Buried Treasure: a Weblog (another newly discovered interesting blog) for this link. There certainly could be worse novels to be placed in! I happen to adore this one so I am perfectly happy. I have to say this quiz site is great fun.

And I found out what type of homeschooler I am according to their survey anyway!


Abraham Lincoln You have a Bible and a library
card what more could you possibly need? You
prefer the Charlotte Mason Method of reading
living books for everything: historical
fiction, biographies, real histories, nature
guides, etc. No soon-to-be-outdated textbooks
for you.

What Type of Homeschooler Are You?
By: Quizilla

Despite having a library card, I have to say that I sincerely enjoy owning (OK, and buying) good books, not just borrowing them. :+) Have fun!



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Donna Boucher said...

Hi there!

Thank you for the kind words :o) I think we have some things in common...I was Abe Lincoln and Pride and Prejudice too. I look forward to getting to know you by reading your blog.

Welcome to the blogging world. I sure enjoy all the wonderful folks I have met.

Happy Thanksgiving!